Seba Kaapstad


Cynicism is an easy sell. We’re skeptical of harmony because the news sows division, social media runs on scorn, and tangible reminders of good have become increasingly rare. Yet there are those whispered moments of unity, those artists who effortlessly embody the ideals of fusion –those who allow us to reap the rewards that can only yielded from an embrace of different ideas, cultures, and sounds.  This is the genius of Seba Kaapstad.

Seba Kaapstad is a multi-national neo-soul quartet comprised of a South African, a Swazi, and two Germans. They summon the most powerful manifestation of creativity: music that represents an idea. Their Mello Music debut album, Thina, takes its name from the Zulu word for “us.” It is a gorgeous halo of soul, encompassing several continents worth of sound, and obliterating the notion of genre. It is divined by artists whose lineage is riven with trauma and suffering. But like their ancestors, they endured. And only in this futuristic present could they reconcile the perseverance and turmoil of the past, using music to inspire unity and heal.

They conjure beatific grooves that radiate with alluvial soul, celestial jazz, electronic experimentation and the polyrhythmic essence of Africa. It is marrow music, what digs beneath your bones, seeping into your bloodstream and inner visions. You hear flashes of the greats: Badu, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Jill Scott, and the Things Fall Apart-era Roots. You might even hear the ethereal float of Frank Ocean or the glowing bliss of Flying Lotus and Thundercat. But like all stellar quartets, Seba Kaapstad is indivisible and made stronger by the sum of their parts.

If the sonic roots lie in the tessaracts of eternal memory, Seba Kaapstad’s present-day genesis trace to 2013, the year that Sebastian Schuster arrived in Cape Town and immediately fell in the love with its rich cultural tapestry, legendary musical community, and artful chaos. He soon paired with the rest of the band—Zoe Modiga, Philip Scheibel (Pheel), Ndumiso Manana—developing the sort of telepathic chemistry can’t be replicated or really even explained.















2022-10-15 Turnhalle, Bern, Switzerland

2022-10-12 Domicil, Dortmund, Germany

2022-10-10 Bürgerhaus, Ingolstadt, Germany

2022-10-04 TBA, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2022-10-03 Mojo Club, Hamburg, Germany

2022-10-01 Bix, Stuttgart, Germany

2022-09-30 Unterfahrt, Munich, Germany

2022-09-29 TBA, Bologna, Italy

2022-09-28 Blue Note, Milano, Italy

2022-09-25 Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim, Germany

2022-09-23 Jassmine, Warsaw, Poland

2022-09-22 Good Vibes Festival, Koszalin, Poland

2022-09-21 Gretchen, Berlin, Germany

2022-06-11 Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

2022-06-10 Youngblood Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

2022-06-05 Leano Stage, Johannesburg, South Africa

2022-06-04 Leano Stage, Johannesburg, South Africa

2020-02-10 Sala X, Sevilla, Esp

2020-02-09 Ambigu Axerquia, Córdoba, Esp

2020-02-08 Black Sound Fest, Don Benito, Esp

2020-02-07 Tempo Club, Madrid, Esp

2020-02-06 La Nau, Barcelona, Esp

2020-02-05 Bürgerhaus, Ingoldstadt, Germany

2020-02-04 Gretchen, Berlin, Germany

2020-02-01 Jazzdock, Praha, Cz

2020-01-30 Tonne, Dresden, Germany

2020-01-29 Unterfahrt, München, Germany

2020-01-11 BHG Festival, Tilburg, NL

2020-01-10 Bix, Stuttgart, Germany

2019-11-29 ForumJazz, Vienne, France

2019-06-23 Hildener Jazztage , Hilden, Germany

2019-06-22 Red Horn District , Bad Meinberg, Germany

2019-06-14 Jazzclub Bix, Stuttgart, Germany

2018-03-23 Internationale Theaterhaus Jazztage, Stuttgart, Germany

2018-03-20 Jazzfestival Schwäbisch Hall, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

2018-03-19 Jazzfest Eberbach, Eberbach, Germany

2017-08-26 Jazzfest Brandenburg, Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany

2017-08-25 Novilla, Berlin, Germany

2017-07-18 BW Jazz Award, Wilhelma Theater, Stuttgart, Germany

2017-07-13 Good Luck Bar, Johannesburg, South Africa

2017-07-11 The Orbit, Johannesburg, South Africa

2017-07-05 Standard Bank Jazz Festival, Grahamstown, South Africa

2017-05-28 MTN Bushfire Festival, Swaziland

2017-03-31 Schlosskeller, Jazztage Nürtingen, Germany

2016-11-04 Soweto Theatre, Johannesburg, South Africa

2016-12-03 Winnes, Johannesburg, South Africa

2016-11-30 Orbit "Home Of Jazz", Johannesburg, South Africa

2016-11-27 Masque Theatre, Muizenberg, South Africa

2016-11-25 Jazz In The Native Yard, Cape Town, South Africa

2016-11-24 The Great Wizoo, Cape Town, South Africa

2016-11-23 Jazzclub "The Crypt", Cape Town, South Africa

2016-11-05 Voices Festival, Ratingen, Germany

2016-11-03 Eigenarten Festival, Hamburg, Germany

2016-10-29 Zehntscheuer, Ravensburg, Germany

2016-10-28 IG Jazz Jazztage, Stuttgart Merlin, Germany

2016-10-27 Jazzclub Armer Konrad, Weinstadt, Germany

2016-10-23 Jazz u. Klassiktage, Tübingen Sudhaus, Germany

2016-10-15 Jazzclub Villingen, Germany

2016-10-10 Jazzclub Moods, Zürich, Switzerland

2016-10-09 Musiktage, Weingarten, Germany


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